How do you ensure your employees embrace change towards your vision, people communicate effectively, and everyone across the organization is on the same page? acticom is what you need.

Boost transformation and activate communication

“Radio Télévision belge de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles”, is the French-speaking public broadcaster, the counterpart of the VRT, so to speak. Active on television, radio, web and social media with 4 television networks, 9 radio stations, internet sites and AUVIO (counterpart of VRTnu), RTBF interactive and TV interactive. Here in Belgium, the RTBF employs 2,000 people with over 155 different functions across 6 sites.

A special organisation: RTBF is a media company and a public service broadcaster. So you need to consider for both financial and commercial flows, the predefined public service mission. Also stakeholders are very different from those of a purely commercial enterprise, as are their expectations and needs.

The challenge… a 4-part

RTBF faced a large-scale change called “Vision 2022” aiming to preserve the values of public broadcasting in a digital world, to lead Belgian-French-language audiovisual production and to become a learning organisation. A transformation does not work without effective communication in which the change navigator receives the right support.

1. Why are we changing?+

2. How do we change?+

3. What about the internal communication team?+


Our approach: Why are we changing?


There are as many change models as there are opinions on the best ways to handle a transformation.
Acticom works with all change models.
A change model brings structure and clarity. The transformation team of the RTBF chose to work with the ADKAR© model. In this phase we mainly worked on the first A, the “A” of Awareness.

Acticom worked together with RTBF’s transformation team to develop an end-to-end communication approach. Besides the communication plan, practical tools were developed to ensure everyone was part of the change.

For instance, acticom developed a storyline and a graphic identity. This identity is very recognizable and is used in all communication.

To involve everyone – with different backgrounds – from the different layers of the organization acticom developed this story in different formats and on various channels.

Metrics were developed, and the plan was adjusted accordingly.

A selection of communication tools

Video of the new RTBF model

Based on a surprising and funny theme (the development of a program on chicory, a very recognizable and Belgian product), the new organisational model was explained to all employees.

Change notebook (for line managers)

This notebook in A4 format was intended for all managers. It presents the change model based on practical questions that employees might have. The “Fake news” concept was developed in the notebook to answer those questions.

Online platform

In addition to the intranet, a website has been developed to support the change process.

Meeting moments and strengthening of the communication

Various event initiatives (such as breakfasts, seminars, etc.) were organized and communication was reinforced through all the existing mediamix channels at RTBF: Sitescom (quarterly internal magazine), the ZoomIn newsletter (sent regularly by email), email to employees, Intranet and a poster campaign in the elevators and corridors of the buildings.

The results: Why are we changing?

Jean-Paul Philippot, Director General, RTBF

And what does the client say?

Today, when we talk about a broadcast, in a meeting or in the corridors, we talk about our target audiences, we talk about production offers aimed at our audiences. That was unthinkable a year ago

(picture: RTBF)


Our approach: How do we change?

In the new organization, 300 new management positions had to be filled. And so every manager had to apply again for a job. In order to encourage the current managers to do so, they needed insights on the change and reasons to embrace it.

In addition, each manager had to motivate new potential team members to join a new project for his or her new team.

In concrete terms, the intention was to open up all managerial positions to candidacy. Acticom played a crucial role in supporting managers.

A communication kit was developed for managers and dialogue sessions were organized where employees could receive information, ask questions or raise their concerns to their managers.

We continuously evaluated our approach and made adjustments where necessary. 


There are as many change models as there are opinions on the best ways to handle a transformation.
Acticom works with all change models.
A change model brings structure and clarity. The transformation team of the RTBF chose to work with the ADKAR© model. In this phase we mainly worked on the “D” of Desire.

A selection of communication tools

Buzz game for your audience

A team game was developed to present the four new RTBF target groups to the staff. This game helped the manager in communicating with his team. We get to know and distinguish the 4 target groups of the organisation in a fun way.

The Leadershift Track

Evaluation booklet: To support this initiative, a series of evaluation sheets for leadershifts has also been developed (the capacity for a seasoned RTBF leader to practice a new way of leadership). The notebook was accompanied by a diagnostic tool as well as a video.

Online platform

In addition to the intranet, a website was developed to support the change process.

Le connect

The existing & recurrent meetings for executives were strongly colored by the transformation and so all the leaders were kept up to date on the evolution of the transformation.

The results: How do we change?

Christine Thiran, CHRO RTBF

And what does the client say?

We set up the new organisation in less than nine months, respecting two commitments: on the one hand, respecting internal mobility as a top priority and, on the other hand, ensuring the confidentiality of our recruitment processes

(picture: RTBF)


Our approach: What about the internal communication team?

Acticom helped the internal communication team to define their new role. What is the department’s mission? What does the team want to achieve with the department each year?

Personae were developed to shape the internal audience. A visual identity and a graphical concept were created for all internal communication.

The team was coached on the job: how do you tackle a project, who are your stakeholders? How do you make a retro planning?

A selection of communication tools

Development of team personae

We supported the internal communication department in discovering new ways to address its audience.

A new graphic identity

To support the transformation, we also advised the communication department to create a new graphic identity, more in line with the new challenges of the RTBF, suitable for all communication tools (screens, social media…) and various action plans. Here is an example of a poster hung up in the elevators.

We launched a new corporate identity

The new corporate identity applies to all communication tools: on the internal screens, on the displays of the internal magazine…

The results: What about the internal communication team?

Frédéric Olivier Head of the internal communication department, RTBF

And what does the client say?

The growth of my team in its new role after the cultural and organisational change of the RTBF was essential, we could count on acticom to boost our communication

(picture: RTBF)


Our approach: A specific question from the "Direction des Technologies" department

Through a management cascade within the “Direction des Technologies”, acticom helped managers to communicate the department’s strategic ambitions to their employees in an inspiring and clear way.

As a result, the managers succeeded in activating their teams and explaining to them what they, as a team, could do with these ambitions.

By clearly explaining the strategy and helping everyone to take control, acticom got everyone on the same page, moving in the same direction behind the scenes and on the field.

A selection of communication tools

The RTBF story

The strategic ambitions are translated in an animated video and presentations.


To encourage the teams to embrace the message, we used workmats.

The management cascade takes its shape

Surveys help us to continuously evaluate our approach.

Technos Café

An opportunity for supervisors to engage with their employees.

Train The Communicators session

Developed to support supervisors in their communication skills and to get the message across as well and as clearly as possible.

The results: A specific question from the "Direction des Technologies" department

Cécile Gonfroid, Chief Technology Officer, RTBF

And what does the client say?

Even me, I had my doubts during this transformation. I had doubts about my position within the leadership team. I really asked myself questions, which enabled me to find my place and my role with my team today.

(picture: RTBF)