How can we engage all franchisees and their employees to enhance customer experience even more in all Panos stores?

Activating communication to boost customer experience

A smile on every faces

For more than 35 years Panos has been a Belgian food concept… that tastes like home. Panos puts a smile on the face of every customer. The brand inspires customers on every street corner, at any time of the day, with a tempting offer of authentic, tasty, fresh and innovative bakery and lunch products. Panos has approximately 400 stores in Belgium and is part of the La Lorraine Bakery Group.

The challenge

The Panos “franchiser” worldwide wants Panos to be a “Love Brand” where customers have a brand experience and employees share a passion for customers and products. Three key levers have been identified: service, freshness & attractiveness.

In addition to this ambition there were also several important challenges that we had to consider in our approach:


Our approach

We needed a compelling story that would allow the commercial coaches to bring the franchisees and their staff into this program. We focused on improving the facilitation skills on the one hand and on the other hand on understanding and mastering the story. This was necessary so that the coaches in turn could support the franchisees and their staff and help improve the customer experience.

A selection of tools developed

Creation of the baking book

We advised to give the program, which would last several years, a clear and appealing image, its own brand. Panos franchisees are and remain bakers. So we worked everything out around the theme “Our Baking Book”. All moments of truth were worked out as real recipes.

An eye-opener to include all employees in this evaluation

We gave the floor to the customers. What do they think of “their” Panos, what do they think is great and what could be better?

Who is Panos, what do we stand for and what is “Our baking book" really about?

A fun, short and powerful animated film that makes it clear that Panos is and will remain a real “innovator” from the start.

The kick-off for a team

The employees of a Panos store are real “doers”. They like to take care of things. That’s great. Sometimes it’s good to take a moment to think and evaluate. To make this new habit run as well as possible we have developed a game, the baking book Game, with the Commercial Coach of Panos, in the driver seat.

A goose board game to evaluate us as a team

We follow our mascot Tom through his entire journey on a weekly visit to our shop. At different times we evaluate ourselves and make suggestions on how to improve ourselves.

Development of an iPad game

Based on propositions, the participants made the story their own.

The results

And what does the client say?

At first, I didn’t even want to participate in this project. I thought: another change. Today I’m a fierce defender of the “Baking Book”. It allows me to really be a better commercial coach and to deal with all my franchisees and their staff in a much more efficient way

Commercial Coach