How do you become future proof as an internal communications professional and as a team and continue to grow?

Acticom Masterclasses

As a professional you’re probably wondering:

What are the main changes expected in the coming years?

How do I know what direction to give to internal communication in this ever-changing world?

How to keep connected with your employees in an increasingly digital world?

How can I prepare my team and myself for these changes?

How can I effectively manage the change communication in my company?

As a communications professional, how can I become a better change partner for my company?

Our Masterclasses aim to answer these and other questions, develop knowledge and give theoretical and practical insights, that will help you meet these challenges

A mix of workshops, concept explanation and case analysis, our Masterclasses are organized on demand and tailor-made.

A better understanding of the role of internal communication consultant

Internal communication is currently facing the challenges of Covid. But 2021 will see the economic machine fully restart. China is already on the way. Europe, the USA and the rest of the BRICS will follow.

This workshop gives answers to questions such as:

  • From today, what are the major trends for 2021 and 2022? What should we focus on in the next 2 years after the crisis we have experienced.

  • What are the opportunities for internal communication to be seized?

  • How can your internal communication department make a difference and help your company meet its business challenges?



  • The new challenges of internal communication today:
    • New positioning of internal communication
    • The digital era
    • Remote working & New ways of working
    • Transparence/honesty/caring/empathy in a time of change (COVID…)
    • The role of the manager
  • Becoming a Business Partner/Internal consultant
  • Developing hard & soft skills

A deep understanding of the crucial role of communication during a change project

This workshop helps internal communication managers and their departments in realizing what change is in an organizational context and how they can play their crucial role in implementing the right change communication at the right moment so that every individual gets activated.

This workshop gives answers to questions such as:

  • How can internal communication departments help middle management play their activating role during change?
  • How can the internal communication department help in coping with resistance to change?
  • How can internal communication departments launch the right communication tools timely and in a structured way, so that the change is internalised and secured over a longer period of time?


  • What is change?
  • From change to change communication
  • The role of resistance during change and what communication can do
  • The communication plan as a guideline for change communication
  • Creativity during change

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