How do you ensure everyone understands and accepts the company strategy and the rationalization of more than 40 different salary systems into one single payroll system for all employees?
By activating communication, the manager in the “driver’s seat” and acticom in the wings.

Activating communication on payroll systems

Arvesta is specialized in agricultural and horticultural supplies, animal food, flour, machinery and garden centres and is a truly complete partner for farmers and horticulturists in Belgium.

Arvesta unites dozens of strong brands and employs 1,900 people. While the company is rooted in Belgium, it has an active European foothold in France, Germany and the Netherlands.

The challenge

The Aveve group becomes Arvesta in 2018

Eric Lauwers, the new CEO, breathes new life into the group and shapes the new business strategy – Stronger Together
The main goal? One unique company with numerous brands that live and act together, also transversally within the organization.

The rationalization of HR systems is one of the specific results of this merger. More than 40 different payroll systems have to become a single system. An area that touches every employee.

Three steps were defined:


Our approach

In order to make this strategy very tangible, we wanted each employee of the group to make the following statement:

“I already understood why my organization had to adapt, now I understand the path to get there and the role I need to play in this changing environment.“

We developed a storyline based on the following three elements:

We developed key tools to support the storyline

The "Stronger Together" video

With a 2’ 30” lasting video we explain in an accessible, clear and unambiguous way how the new Arvesta strategy will look like.

Workmat "Who are our customers?"

Based on a “workmat” developed for the occasion, the teams have for the first time had the opportunity to reflect with their line managers on who their customers are and how “Stronger Together” affects their relationship with them. As a team, they also developed specific actions and understood their role in the new business strategy.

Slidedecks PowerPoint

Based on a PowerPoint presentation, we contextualized the new compensation program and, among other things, emphasized the benefits for the employees.

TTC (Train the communicator)

We coached the management to optimize the communication cascade. We used, among other things, new technology: the virtual headset. With this headset everyone can work on his or her presentation skills in front of a virtual audience. This technique makes it possible to repeat a presentation in circumstances that are close to reality.

Impression of our way of working